How to choose the right color of the lipstick according to your color type and age

Every girl can find a dozen of lipsticks of different colors in her cosmetic bag. But she never uses them all. The color that looked so attractive on the boutique’s counter makes you look older, emphasizes teeth and skin disadvantages, looks vulgar or it&’s invisible on the lips.

The problem is that not everyone knows how to choose the right lipstick and what factors should be considered when choosing it. But it’s never late to learn, especially when we deal with woman’s sexuality and attractiveness. So, we offer you some tips that will help you quickly and successfully choose your right color.


The palette of shades

Have you ever noticed how many shades can one color of the lipstick have? But each of them looks different on your lips. But if you know your right lipstick’s shade, it makes the task a little bit easier. That’s why this palette is divided into several categories:


Orange (1) peach (2), coral (3).

The palette of shades


Red (1) crimson(2),wine red (3) pink (4).


Beige (1) terracotta (2), brown (3).

The palette of shades

All of them can be lighter or darker, matte, glossy and pearl.

Makeup artists recommend to choose the same tone of the lipstick which your skin has: warm colors are for warm types of skin, cold colors are for cold types of skin. But experiments are not prohibited.
Next, we’ll define what is your ideal lipstick’s color taking into account your appearance.


Lipstick according to color type


Winter type girls usually have dark hair, brown or blue-black. The skin is dark or light. The eyes are brown, blue, hazel, grey, green.

  • A brunette who has light skin should choose her ideal lipstick among pink and lilac shades.
  • A brunette who has dark skin should choose red, rose brown or nude shades.

Lipstick according to color type

A winter type girl looks very attractive when she uses deep colors: dark red, ruby, wine red, dark purple, lavender.


Despite their hot type, summer ladies have pale skin, sometimes with grayish freckles. Their hair can be light brown and brown, with some cold ashen tint. Their eyes can be grey, blue, dark blue, gray-green.

  • Brown-haired girl can emphasize her appearance using strawberry, scarlet, deep red, cherry, wine redcolors.
  • Blondes should use pink lipsticks – soft pink, purple-crimson, purple. It’s better to choose a cocoa shade if you want to use a brown color.
  • If you have a porcelain skin you should throw away all bright lipsticks, otherwise you will look like a doll.

Lipstick according to color type


Spring type women have light brown or fair hair, light skin with golden tint, blue, green and gray-green eyes. In this case, you should use a warm palette: coral, carrot, peach.

If you want to use a brown lipstick – choose caramel, reddish and golden shades. If you want to use a red lipstick – choose red scarlet and terracotta shades. If you want to use a beige lipstick – choose orange shades.

Lipstick according to color type


The brightest type. Autumn type women have red, copper and bronze hair. They have light skin with brown freckles. Their eyes can be blue, green, all tints of brown.

They look good if they use brown, copper, chocolate, beige, and all shades of golden in their make-up. You can experiment with plum and dark-purple shades.

Lipstick according to color type

Unfortunately, not every woman is able to define correctly her color type, that&’s why use the following tips.


Skin and hair combination

Dark hair, pale skin

Scarlet(1), cherry (2), bright pink (3) plum (4).

Skin and hair combination

Dark hair, dark skin

Bronze (1), terracotta (2), ochre (3), golden beige (4).

Skin and hair combination

Brown hair, peach skin

Carmine rose (1), coral pink (2), salmon (3), nude (4).

Skin and hair combination

Red hair, light skin

Red-brown (1), terracotta (1), coral pink (3), salmon pink (4).

Skin and hair combination

Fair hair, pale skin

Scarlet (1), mauve (2), light (3) medium pink (4).

Fair hair, dark skin

Salmon (1), caramel (2), ochre (3), warm pink (4).

Skin and hair combination



We won’t forget about such an important part of our face, because eyes color can be the main factor when you are choosing a lipstick.


Bright brown (2), and red shades (1), pale rose shades (3).



Scarlet (1), cherry (2), beige (3).



Bronze (1) orange (2) and terracotta (3).



Plum color (1) and nude (2).




Their shape and fullness strongly depend on makeup. Using some skillful tricks, you can achieve amazing results. Otherwise you will only emphasize the flaws.

It’s very simple: light colors make visually bigger, and dark colors make smaller.
  • If you want to make your lips look fuller, don’t use translucent and soft shades of the lipstick.
  • A light palette can be used to emphasize the natural beauty, and a little bit of glimmer will make the lips look fuller.
  • Dark lipstick will make your lips look smaller. It’s good for big and full lips, but it’s not recommended for thin lips or thin lips and a small incision.

The deeper the pigment, the more it will emphasize the contour. If it is not ideal or there is an asymmetry, it is better to use more soft shades. In some cases the situation can be corrected with help of a pencil.

  • It will make your lips look fuller, but it will also show all the flaws of pearl cosmetics.
  • Sexy shine and volume will give you a glossy lipstick.
  • And matt lipstick will give your lips a soft noble look, but it also will make your lips look thinner.


You had already chosen a bright red lipstick, smiled in front of the mirror and was horrified to notice that you had yellow teeth. Yes, this color is not only sexy, but it also can be insidious. Bright red shades, such as brown and purple, have an ability to emphasize yellow and uneven teeth. In this case, use light red, pink
and soft orange shades.


Those lucky women who have snow-white smiles can afford any red shade of a lipstick they want.


Don't forget about your age

  • Young girls should not use too heavy and too bright colors. Light, natural and glossy lipsticks will be good for them.
  • If you are 20, you can use the most dashing colors and textures.
  • 30 year old women have also no limits in their make-up. They have an opportunity to make experiments. Red colors are the best for them.

Remember: you should use coral red, dark red with pink shades for light skin. Pink, cranberry and brown red shades are good for medium and olive skin. Red and wine red shades or brown shades are good for dark skin.

  • If you are 40 it’s good to use satin or shiny shades of rouge.
  • If you are 50 use juicy pink shades with gloss. Ladies of elegant age should avoid bright palette, gloss and pearl shades.
  • Pastel shades are also not good choice – they show all your wrinkles. But saturated lipsticks with thick texture will be good for you.

Time of day

A daily lipstick should be a tone or two darker than natural lip color. Use red and pink colors – they match all skin types and look good with different styles of clothes.
  • In the daytime, apply your lipstick with a thin layer, you should look like you have no makeup. There are only a few exceptions. For example, more heavy makeup is acceptable if you are going to a wedding or other celebration.
  • A Lacquered lipstick, bright colors, gloss on your lips – that’s all good for evening going outs and night clubs. A light palette will make you pale and faceless at night.

Remember that it’s not desirable to apply cold colors during the winter period and under the neon lights. Brown color looks bad under the candle light and in the light of a common lamp.


The combination of your lipstick with your image

It’s a good combination when you are choosing the lipstick which is of the same shade as your dress. Another successful combination is based on the contrast.

  • Red lipstick – white color of your clothes, black, green, dark blue and red (the same shades).
  • Wine and purple shades – white, pastel blue, beige, crimson, cherry, purple, red-purple.
  • Pink – any shades of this color and black-and- white clothes.
  • Orange – beige, sand color, dark blue, black.

When applying your makeup, don’t forget to highlight only one part of your face – only eyes or only lips.


How to choose a lipstick in a store

Draw a line on your wrist to see how the color matches your skin. Pay attention if you can see the vein under a layer of the lipstick. If it can be seen, look for another color.

Buy a sample and see whether it will be good for all of your images. It can be so, that a shade of the lipstick you’ve chosen won’t match your clothes. That’s why it’s better to choose several samples from one color palette.

Any cosmetics, including lipstick, must be of high quality. There mustn’t be methylpropanol in cosmetics. An effect of the makeup depends on it and you can also get an allergy because of it.

Your lipstick is good when it has:

  1. Smooth color;
  2. the texture is thick, smooth, homogeneous;
  3. soft pleasant smell or the lack of it;
  4. right form of the rod;
  5. neat tube made of good materials.

Choose well-known brands or professional brands and you'll do the right choice.


Useful tips

  • A lipstick of the best quality contains synthetic wax, mineral oils, paraffin, preservatives and its use-by date is a year or more.
  • You shouldn’t buy a lipstick in winter at the market because you can buy a frozen old lipstick.
  • Pay attention to a silver part of the lipstick’s packaging. It’s easy to remove it if a lipstick is cheap.
  • If you have a dry skin – choose a moisturizing lipstick. If you have the chapped lips — choose a nourishing one.
  • All long-lasting lipsticks dry the skin of your lips, they must be used together with the balm.
  • You can also make a lip balm which will be tasty and will have a good texture at home.

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