Phrases which kill relationships: what you shouldn’t say to a man
According to research of psychologists, 27% of young couples break up because they misunderstand each other. Sometimes one phrase will be enough to seriously hurt your beloved one.

But unlike women, who hardly can hide their feelings, men prefer not show that they are offended or humiliated and they don’t show their pain. Sometimes such offenses are being accumulated for a long period of time and eventually can lead to betrayals and break ups. That’s why we will figure out which phrases you shouldn’t use when talking to your man.


The size in the bed is not so important...

Don’t say this phrase to your man even if you praise his sexual abilities. On an intuitive level, these words are interpreted as a comparison with someone else. Your ex-men should not stand behind the back of your beloved one. If HE asks, you can tell about them without going into details.

Don’t resume conversations on this topic. Always remind to your man that he is the best.

Well, I told you that!

You may really warned your man from some actions and deeds. A man doesn’t like to be responsible for his behavior. A reminder that the woman is smarter than he is, will make him furious. In order not to cause such a reaction, it’s better to keep silent.

Hearing these words, he might think that you don’t care about him, don’t appreciate him and boast your superiority.

The woman’s wisdom is that she understands the inadmissibility of reproaches if a man has made a mistake.

It’s impossible to protect yourself against all failures. The man is aware of his mistake and regrets his recklessness. And instead of scolding a beloved one, it’s better to support him during the hard times.

Well, I told you that!


We need to have a serious talk urgently

This kind of wording can cause nervousness and irritation. Especially when it’s SMS message, sent in the morning and the conversation will be during the dinner. All day long a man is agitated, has a tension, he tries to unravel the unpleasant message and in the evening he will be so irratated that it, surely, lead to a scandal.

Never try to manipulate with such phrases. It’s better to announce the topic of conversation in order your beloved man had a chance to find the right solution.

We need to have a serious talk urgently


We won't have sex until you.…

This phrase can be continued by any condition but such tactics will lead to sad consequences. To say this to a man means personall give him into the arms of another woman who won’t make demands to make love.

A man considers these words not only as manipulation but also as recognition of the fact that you are not interested in sex with him. He will look for a woman for whom sex with him will be desirable. Think about it!

How can you spend all your time to…

Men like football, fishing, be in the garage fixing the car and much more. It’s unwise to talk negatively about important hobbies of your beloved man. Even if you can’t share his hobby, try not to reject his favorite pastime. If you snort and grumble every time your beloved one goes for fishing, plunged into a chair with an interesting book or goes to a neighbor to play chess, you risk creating a tense atmosphere in the family.

if a man’s hobby takes too much time and affects on family and work, try to arrange everything. For example, he can do his favourite activities after he helps around the house.

I hate your mother, uncle.…

If you truly dislike his mother or other relative, don’t talk about it in a sharply negative form. You cannot directly criticize and insult the family of your beloved one.

It’s preferable to use such phrases:

  • “I hate that your mom interferes in our relationship”;
  • “I feel uncomfortable when your uncle looks at me.”

Say what you don’t like in the behavior of a relative in a calm form.

Even if your beloved man doesn’t like his sister or aunt, he will painfully take your criticism about them. If you can’t love his mother, try, at least, respect her and it will be even better if you make friends with her.

I hate your mother, uncle.…


And my friend's husband…

This phrase is followed by a list of the virtues and achievements of a perfect husband. Your beloved man start to hate this man. Your impulses were noble – telling the beloved one about your friend’s nice husband, you wanted to make your own husband to earn more, to help around the house, etc. But the effect is the opposite. Instead of getting up from the sofa and become more caring, a man can offer you to pack your stuffs and move to someone who is better than he is.

Starting to laud another man, you humiliate your own man and this he will not tolerate. It’s better to give your beloved one a chance to set goals and achieve them, praise him oftener. If you look at a man with an enthusiastic eyes and believe in him, he will be ready to perform feats for you.

For once in your life, act like a man

You humiliate the man with this phrase and show disrespect to him and to yourself.

Never doubt of your man. Support him and show that he is the best for you, your support and earner. Feeling that you believe in him, even the most timid man will find the strength to overcome difficulties.

I'll do it myself

This phrase makes a man irresponsible, deprives the desire to help. Sometimes it seems that it would be better if he did not get in the way and did not try to help. But showing his concern for you, a man feels a surge of strength and emotions.

Your man believes that he can do any task, that’s why he sincerely wants to help.

Give him the opportunity to fix the equipment, let him vacuum the rooms, put the laundry in the washing machine, prepare something to eat. Even if your man just wash the vegetables, he will be proud of his actions.

Give him the opportunity to enjoy a sense of self-importance. And thank him for his help.


You should go to the gym

Instead of give him a reason to feel uncertain in his attractiveness, try to encorouge his love for sports with your own example. Joint visits to the gym will make you closer and will add the spirit of healthy competition.

If you criticize the appearance of a man, he will decide that you are ashamed of him and will find a woman who will love him without his having a nice abdomenen. And after all the main thing a man should possess is his reliability.

Instead of criticism about his appearance, it’s better to encourage his attempts to maintain good physical shape. Your admiration will help him to overcome his unwillingness to go to the gym.

Do you like my manicure/pedicure/hair/dress?

These questions are meaningless for a man. If he loves you, you are beautiful for him in any way. Experience shows that a woman won’t be satisfied with any man’s answer. Why spoil the mood with such questions?

According to the men, such questions put them in a dead end and not to offend their beloved women, they are trying to guess the answer which his woman will like.

Do you notice anything different about me?

He can’t notice immediately that you’ve made another side parting or have changed the curtains in the kitchen. If you decide to ask such a question, be prepared for the fact that the answer may not please you.

Men have a strong dislike for omissions, hints and riddles. They don’t focus on details.

To avoid quarrels, immediately tell the man what he should pay attention to.

You can never understand me

Instead of such a reproach, it’s better to try to clearly explain to your beloved one why you have a bad mood. Maybe it’s really difficult for him to understand you but don’t deprive him of a chance to do this. Patience and frankness will be beneficial to your relationship.

You can never understand me


Do you remember what day it is?

This question pushes a man into a corner. He feverishly begins to sort out in his mind all the significant and unimportant dates. Don’t embarrass himself. Even if he has forgotten about some episode from your life, it doesn’t mean that he has forgotten about you. Men don’t like to show off, so try to create a festive mood to yourself. He will certainly thank you for that.


Nothing happened, it's all right!

Woman must be misterious but you shouldn’t go too far with this. A man wants to enjoy a relationship with his beloved one and not solve puzzles.
You meet your beloved one with this phrase and demonstratively sulk and express the offense as much as you can. On his next attempt to find out the reason of such behavior, you start crying and accuse him of indistinctness and callousness.

To maintain peace in a relationship, it’s better to explain intelligibly what has made you to feel so, but in any case, don’t be silent.

Nothing happened, it's all right!


How many girls have you had before?

According to psychologists, wanting to find the truth and really know it – these are two big differences. In this situation, any answer can be bad. When talking to your beloved man about sex, don’t ask him about exes. You won’t be able to talk seriously and the scandal will surely start.

Relationships which have ended are automatically transferred into the category of unsuccessful. And men don’t like to be reminded of their bad experiences. Besides, if he is too frank, then your relationship can be under the threat.

What are you thinking about now?

This question indicates your desire to control the whole life of a man, even his thoughts. Give him the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts, leave a piece of free space for him.

Remember three simple rules:

  1. Not all our thoughts can clearly transfered.
  2. Not all thoughts can be told to others.
  3. We don’t do everything we think about.

I can't live without you even one day!

Such words tell the man that you are ready to do everything for him, you will bother him, will want to be together with him every minute. And men don’t like this. They prefer to “hunt” for a woman, to conquer. It’s natural. A woman who is ready to do everything for him is not of a big interest for a man. You deprive him of the opportunity to enjoy the victory in such a way. It’s better to smile mysteriously to your beloved one. Let the man run after you.

I can't live without you even one day!


You're acting like a child

Men can’t stand moralizing. After these words, your beloved one will feel like a child who is scolded by a strict mother. Don’t be a mother hen for him, patronizing every step of a man. He’s stuck in computer games and there’s no way to pull him out?

Act like this:

  • Instead of cooking dinner, take a romantic book in your hands, which you have wanted to read long ago, or sit on the sofa with knitting, invite your friends. When your husband will be hungry and stop playing computer games, he will have nothing to do but to help you to cook dinner.

When are we getting married?

Here you can have two scenarios:

  • You depress the beloved one and he will propose you;
  • You will have to say goodbye to your dreams of marriage.

Take your time. Perhaps he has not yet reached the desired degree of readiness and it’s pointless to reproach him. But if you are together for a few years and he didn’t propose you, draw conclusions. A man is not interested in marriage registration. It’s a responsibility, the duties which man doesn’t like to assume. Also, he is afraid of losing personal freedom, he is terrified by the stories of married friends or the negative experience of parents. All this is layered and a man develops a strong immunity to the word “wedding”. He can change his principles only for the sake of his beloved woman.

When are we getting married?



Be reasonable, treat your man with tenderness, appreciate him. Psychologists advise, before you say something offensive, try to think about the result of a verbal duel. To maintain a warm relationship and understanding, your vocabulary should not contain the phrases which were given above. No matter what physical characteristics or traits of character he possesses, remember this is the man you love.

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