How to understand that you’ve fallen in love: 14 obvious “symptoms”

Girls always fall in love. But how do you know that there is a real love in your heart? Or just another infatuation? Do not confuse these notions.

  • Infatuation is a state when a person is completely engulfed in feelings, does not notice anything around her or him, forget about her or his duties and has her or his head in the clouds.
  • Love is a deep unselfish feeling, which is directed on another person. You show respect to another person, it grows slowly, friendship often grows into love.

A fleeting attraction prevents us from seeing a real love.

We’ll analyze the most common signs of love in this article. This will help us to understand, whether these feelings are real love or just an infatuation.


You see your beloved everywhere

If you close your eyes, look around, walk, sit, and everywhere you can see the object of your love it’s the first sign that an infatuation has appeared. You imagine your boyfriend everywhere and men who look like him even a little bit make you feel strong emotions and adrenaline – it means that a new feeling is appearing in your heart. The most important thing is not to be paranoid, and keep control.

You see your beloved everywhere


You are smiling without any reason

If you look at yourself in the mirror and see a cheerful, a little bit strange and dreamy smile, even when there are no reasons for that, because it’s raining outside, and your salary is not paid yet – be sure that you’re in love.

You are smiling without any reason

You answer positively to all the comments and stupid questions.

Such state of overwhelming happiness give you a huge amount of endorphins, which are in your blood.

You always miss him

You think about your boyfriend all the time and always have your head in the clouds. You want to be with him day and night. You miss him, start texting messages and always calling. Though you used to think that only foolish women do that. You can’t recognize yourself and sometimes you are just sitting, wrapped in a warm blanket, and drinking cold coffee and miss him and miss him… Sometimes you feel it physically – you miss your guy so much that you’re ready to forget about everything and fly to him on the wings of love.

You always miss him


Romantic person

Suddenly you want a romance, even if before pink bows and roses made you laugh nervously.

You start to write affectionate phrases to your boyfriend, send him cute pictures, give him cute gifts, do romantic things, for example, to buy him socks with heart pattern or order a cake decorated with affectionate notes. You hang his photos with love notes and hearts in your room and call him sweetie and bunny and use another sweet words for him.


You always think about him

You think about your boyfriend constantly. He is in your dreams. You are dreaming and dreaming about him. You can’t get him out of your head. Closing your eyes, you can still see him. You’re always talking about him: he’s handsome, good, the best, smart, funny, he is your only.

You always think about him


You can't see his flaws

The object of your love is just perfect and unique. He is the best, does everything right and never does wrong. And everything he says or does is just perfect.

The object of your love is just perfect and unique. He is the best, does everything right and never does wrong. And everything he says or does is just perfect.

You want to be better

Manicure, pedicure, haircut, new dress – you want to be beautiful every day. You are always attractive, always ready not only to meet your beloved man, but you are also ready to more intimate relationships. Beautiful lingerie, perfect epilation, perfect body. Moreover, you are ready to go in for sports, to read clever books, to do everything your boyfriend likes.

You want to be better


You are ready to do everything

You will do everything your beloved man asks you. You will go wherever he says. You will forget about your principles, lose your virginity with him.

Even if you were a good girl before, now you are ready to go to nightclubs and drink alcoholic cocktails, quarrel with your parents and forget about everything.

You are afraid of losing him

You are so into him, you just can’t imagine that you can be alone.

Your knees start to shake, if you think you can stay without him.

You forgive him everything

Whatever your beloved man makes, you forgive him everything – a broken cup or even a betrayal.

This state can have its end, but it can also develop into a feeling of global dependence.

Be careful – you should think not only with your heart but with your brains also.


You want to get married

You are trying on a wedding dress and think about the names of your children. You see him beside, you already know where you will live and where you will go on honeymoon.

But be careful – men are afraid of such things. Don’t make him scared, don’t tell him that you want to marry him or have his child. Your man can be not ready yet.

You are ready to grovel

You are asking to forgive you even for the smallest mistake, a word or a glance. You are ready to grovel and beg to forgive you even if you did nothing.

You are ready to grovel

It’s a dangerous symptom, because you can become dependent on your man and lose your individuality.

A domestic cat

Did you use to hate to cook and clean? You hang out with your friends and spent your time at night clubs all weekend. Now, you cook dinners, wash his shirts with your hands and ready to watch football on TV all night because he wants so.

It’s natural to show your love and care for the object of your passion, the main thing is not to lose yourself.

Your soul is singing

One of the main and a little bit strange symptoms of being in love is your special inner state. You want to fly, to sing, to dance, to be happy, you want to kiss everyone around you. And you are not interested in another men, you can see only your man. Your heart stops and beats out of your chest when you are thinking of him. It’s impossible to describe this state.

Your soul is singing



The state of being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings on the Earth. It’s important not to lose yourself during this period. Love is fine, but don’t forget to think using your brains and not only your heart!

If you have at least half of the “symptoms” of love – you’re in love. It’s good, you know how to love. And this feeling is common only for honorable people.

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