How to excite the girl: 10 banal, original and ridiculous ways to do this

Both inexperienced young men and mature men who have been married for many years are wondering how to excite a woman. Women are not simple creatures. For sexual contact, they have to have the desire. A man is able to feel desire in just a few minutes and it takes some time for agirl to feel the desire. Every woman is individual – one can excited with a few kisses or familiar words, the other one needs something more.

There are some methods that make a girl want to have sex with you. If a man thinks about this, he needs to work on this well. In this article we will talk about this.


Kissing-the main component of foreplay

On the lips

They are considered to be the main component of a sex prelude. Although there are many other areas for kissing on the female body, this one is one hundred percent in the top ten. It must begin with a light touch of the lips, then your tongue should be on the lips of the partner and gently break through to her tongue. Kiss should be imperious and at the same time, gentle.
On the neck or the ear

These are the area of the body with the most sensitive nerve endings.
Try to take the lobe of her ear gently with your lips, then move behind the ear, down the neck and back with your tongue.

How to excite the girl


  • Kissing should not be too assertive, many girls don’t like it. Alternate tenderness with passion, make pauses, finish with a long and sweet kiss;
  • When kissing the girl, don’t try to bite her. Aggression in this case is unacceptable. Momen like and appreciate if a guy kisses and gives tenderness.

Exciting massage

Remember to do it gently and slowly.

Before you start, create the appropriate atmosphere in the room: dim lights, aroma candles, soft music. Use lightly heated massage oil for massage.
Massage of the back

  1. Put the girl on her stomach.
  2. Take a little bit of oil and massage her back for several times.
  3. Alternate soft tapping with a soft tingle.
  4. The thumbs should move in circles from the shoulders to the buttocks and back.
  5. Change the force pressure of your fingers on the body.
  6. With pressure, massage along the spine.
  7. At the end make light stroking of the back.

How to excite the girl

Legs massage

  1. Massage the back side of her legs for several times.
  2. Clasping the ankle of the girl with both hands, bring your thumbs together, and slightly pressing them, massage starting from the heel to the buttocks.
  3.  Massage the second leg.
  4. Now proceed massaging the calf muscle, then go along the thigh and buttock.
  5. Go to the second half of the body and in the same way go down to the ankle.

Belly and chest

  1. Make circular movements with your hands of her belly.
  2. Then massage along the body from back to groin and up to the shoulders.
  3. Go to the chest, making rotational movements around the nipples and away from them.
  4. Massaging should be soft, almost weightless.


  1. Stand by the girl’s head.
  2. Take her head with your hands, gently turn and massage her head, cervical vertebrae, shoulder.
  3. Turn her head to another side and repeat.
  4. Massage the head’s skin under the hair.
  5. At the end make a few stroking movements on the face and neck.

How to excite the girl

Arms and hands massage

  1. Lift the girl’s arm and, keeping the vertical position, use the thumb to massage her outer part.
  2. Then pay attention to her hands: first, the back side is being massaged, then the palm and, finally, each finger separately.                                                                                         Massage the front parts of legs

1.  Clasp the girl’s feet and with pressure move your hands up.
2. Go down and repeat the movement. Go to the toes and feet.
3. Pay more attention to the toes and the pads. It’s not necessary to massage the heels, there are almost no sensitive nerve endings there.

Finish exciting massage with soft touches to the skin along the whole body. After that, you can lie down next to your partner.


Use the erogenous zones of the girl

  • Eyelids

    There are a lot of nerve endings there which are especially sensitive to kisses.

  • Temples

    They have increased sensitivity. It will be both pleasant and erotic.

  • Lips

    It's the most excitable area. If your tongue will pat the upper lip of the partner, she will be delighted.

  • Ears

    Intense erogenous area. The best thing is kissing the ear and soft touching of the earlobes.

  • Neck

    It's very sensative area. Here you need to show as much tenderness as you can to make the touch be actually pleasant.

  • Shoulders

    Don't be be too gentle, the girl won't be against gentle biting and passionate kisses.

  • Belly

    It can be patted and covered with kisses.

  • Lower abdomen

    You should give a special attention to this area, it's very erogenous and sensative.

  • Clitoris

    It's the most sensative of all the women's erogenous zones. Try different methods of stimulation to determine the one that the partner will like the most.

  • Inner thighs

    Girls are excited when this area is being kissed and stroked.

  • Feet

    Experiment with toes and the pads. Don't touch the arch of the foot - it can cause tickling.


Create a romantic atmosphere

Try to create a pleasant atmosphere for all the senses:

For sight: the sentimental style of presentation.

For hearing: soft music.

For olfactory organs: exciting scents.

Start with cleaning. Don’t expect that in the dim light, the girl doesn’t notice the flaws.


It’s better to use candles. Don’t be afraid to overdo with their number: the more candles – the more romantic atmosphere. Placed in different places, they create mystery and depth of space.
The design of the room

Let it be your photos in frames. Arrange them in such a way to make the girl notice them even in dim light;
Don’t forget about your lady’s favorite colors. She must have them as soon as she comes in.

Put cut buds and candles in bowls of water

Surprise her with an impromptu canopy hanging over the bed.


It should be background and unobtrusive not to distract you from the conversation. Include modern instrumental music, soothing chill-out, relaxing lounge, light jazz compositions, foreign pop music in your playlist.

Let it be light dishes and wine or champagne, for example. It will be good if you prepare some food by yourself but the restaurant dishes are also suitable.

Aromas should be barely noticeable. Using aroma candles can be combined in the composition of the relaxing and stimulating the desire scents.



Often touch your beloved girl

Many girls trust in tactile contact more than in all the words of love. They get pleasure from touching. And no matter what it is – a gentle caress, barely noticeable touch or just stroking her hair. Even the timid irresolute touch shows your feelings. Such gestures lead to a strong emotional excitement and kindle desire.

Don’t put your  hand on your beloved girl shoulder – it’s a sign of friendship and nothing more.
  • Take her hand. This gesture shows that you are passionate about the lady and don’t mind to move to the next stage of the relationship;
  • Feel free to touch her face or hair;
  • When kissing her, put your hands on her waist or shoulders.

Be the initiator

From the first minutes of your date, take the initiative in your hands: greet the girl, take her hand and lead her where you have decided. She must immediately understand that you are going to be a leader in the relationship.

Girls like to be led and know that a man takes responsibility.


Whisper in her ear

Don’t use the stamps phrases. The girl will surely feel falseness and you will waste the excitement, trying to remember the necessary words. Try to speak in a relaxed tone whatever comes to mind. The voice and intonation are more important than the pronounced words.

Start with a gentle whisper, gradually changing it to a low and juicy voice. Replace affectionate words with sexual epithets. We recommend you to read about what exciting words for girls are considered to be the most effective.

When both of you reach the peak of excitement, you can try to say obscene words. Some girls like that.

How to excite the girl


Watch an erotic movie together

Watching a movie together creates an atmosphere of trust, enhances sensual emotions. Don’t forget to tell the girl that she is the most attractive woman. Don’t compare her with the main character of the picture.

Don’t insist on choosing a movie. Your task is to establish a trusting relationship with the girl and arouse her interest. Giving her the opportunity to choose, you can find out where the boundaries of her emancipation.

Watching erotic movies together remove the complexes, produce a certain mental mood. Unobtrusively, offer to the girl to try peeped in the movie things and don’t insist if she refuses. It’s better to choose what suits you both.


Nice compliments

Every girl wants to hear rapt words which pronounce her beloved man. Don’t hesitate to say compliments, it will inspire her. Admire her, talk about your feelings, but don’t try to joke if this skill is not your cup of tea. It’s better to read our article of how to learn to joke wittily and apply the tips in practice. Don’t use tactless phrases, you will inevitably lose the trust of the girl in such a way.

the best compliment is about the eyes of your beloved one. You can express your opinion about their color, shape, depth. Compliments should be short. Long intricate phrases will be too much.

The best response in the heart of the girl will have sincere words, said from the depth of your heart. Be supervisory and attentive to details, don’t forget to praise her new hairstyle or dress.


Ridiculous methods which must be avoided

Method 1

You shouldn’t push the girl’s lips with your fingers and try to penetrate deep into her mouth. Subsequent deepening may scare the girl, at least at the stage of foreplay. This can be done later when all the obstacles between you will be destroyed. Don’t touch your girl’s nose and eyes, kissing will be more suitable.

No. 2

Touching the girl’s chest, don’t pull her to the bottom and don’t touch the upper part, it can be painful.
No. 3

If you don’t want to arouse the girl’s tickling, avoid massaging the arch of the foot. The exception is if you don’t use the oil. Only dry stimulation can suppress tickling.
No. 4

Making various manipulations with hands, remember that you can also arouse tickling, especially in armpits. It’s better not to touch the elbows and touching them can be painful. If you want to change the position, the girl should be lifted in the shoulders or hips.
No. 5

Don’t touch the girl’s belly button. This can arouse unpleasant emotions.
No. 6

Carefully watch the reaction of your partner caused by your actions and take your hands away in time.



How to understand that the girl is excited

  1. The girl touches her hair and bares her neck.
  2. Start conversations on sexual themes.
  3. She provokes unintentional approchement by invading to your comfort zone.
  4. Enlarged nipples.
  5. The girl moves from place to place, looking for a comfortable position.
  6. Her cheeks are rosy and her eyes are moist.
  7. She touches your private parts.
  8. The pupils are enlarged, the girl breathes deeply.
  9. She throws her leg over her leg.
  10. She touches the objects.
  11. She makes body movement back and forth.

How to excite the girl



To excite the girl, you need to make some effort. The most patient and understanding are being rewarded, as a rule. But adhering to certain recommendations, you can achieve this much easier than it seems to be. Learn to feel your partner, to distinguish the nuances of her mood, be gallant. We hope you will choose the right tactics for excitement.

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