10 typical misconceptions of women about men

There are at least twelve women’s misconceptions about men. These stereotypes don’t allow to have mutual understanding in relationships.


If hw loves you, he will be always faithful

His love for you has nothing to do with faithfulness. Some men are really monogamous. But most men – aren’t. Men are programmed to produce their offsprings and women – to beget and give birth to healthy children. There are exemplary husbands who are actually faithful to their women. The rest of them – cheat on their wives.

Infidelity is often not connected with you. He’s doing it to prove his manhood, not to neglect your femininity.


You need a man to feel yourself complete

It’s not You who need a man it’s He who needs you. Women are inherently self-sustained. Women continue to give birth, they create life in themselves. Men know that. You may not be able to change the world yet, but don’t fall for it. You are strong and self-sufficient. The sooner you realize it, the happier you will be – with or without your husband.


If you help a man, he will also always help you

It’s good to be with your husband, to give everything to the one you love. But you have no right to forget about yourself. It’s natural for a man that his problems have to be on the first place.

Play safe. Don’t use feminist rhetoric or arguments, just act:

  • own bank account
  • real estate which is documentary your property
  • savings on your children’s education which he won’t be able to spend
  • your own profession which gives you confidence in the future


10 typical misconceptions of women about men

First of all, take care of yourself  and then help, if you have a possibility, and you like it.


They like it when we talk a lot about relationships.

Nary. They think not as you do.

Their truth speaks of their priorities (possession, victory, sex). Our-about our priorities (care, creation, love).
Our priorities create life. Their priorities create conditions for their victories.
They think our priorities are meaningless but they wouldn’t be able to live without them.

Don’t talk about your spoiled relationship – do something. You can keep loving him or leave him. Take advantage of the opportunities that belong to you.

Always talk about what you feel or what you need but never blame!
Be brief but firm. You know what you want and get your way. Be gentle towards him but even more gentle towards you. Love yourself. If you love yourself, he will love you too.


Men love women who never argue

Men feel uncertain with women who constantly fawn on them, do all their whims and never tell them what they would like to have.

In fact, it’s simple. They don’t want to be scolded but they want to be controlled.

Women who do all their whims only subconsciously increase their guilt.

If you want your husband to love you, help him to feel great, but at the same time tame him. Condescending but firm. He realizes that he is not a knight on a white horse or a prince from a fairy tale. Why don’t you realize that too?


Men want to be the knights who save us

It’s the truth. They make it look like that. But they are well aware that it’s you who save them from routine and loneliness and not Vice versa.

Got your knight to keep his dream alive. Let it be. Use it in bed to make sex hotter. But always remember the real situation. This will allow you not to sink in a relationship and be yourself.


Men hate feminists

They don’t like women who talk a lot about feminism but do nothing and only blame men.

Men love strong women who really appreciate their strength but who need a man.

Men strive for strong women who will lead them. And who pretend to be weak for strategic reasons.

10 typical misconceptions of women about men


They love children and can't wait to be parents

Some yes, the others no. Most are not sure how they feel about future fatherhood. It’s natural. Your body is guided by hormones thanks to which you adore your children. Men don’t usually do that. Menstruation is a monthly reminder of your fecundity. It doesn’t happen to him. His body reminds him that it’s time to have sex. For that reason, he’ll say everything to make you think he’s the perfect partner. And after that he will say everything  in order not to answer.

Some psychologists believe in theory that men are afraid of children. Of course, there are exemplary fathers but statistics confirm that there are few of them.

They love children and can't wait to be parents


Men like horny women

Most of men like those women whose lust can only be fired on by him. It means, a woman who is only interested in him. And all her lustful things are being applied only to him, not to all men.


Men don't like when women earn more

Do you remember the Napoleonic code? Rich heiresses whom men married with for their inheritance? In those days money automatically were given to the husband.

For a man it’s unbearable when a woman has power over him. And in our society, money is the highest indicator of power. If you earn more, you must find a way (real or fictional) to give him power and balance your relationships.

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