What to do if the holes on the torn jeans have become sloppy (the shorts as an example)

Torn jeans have been in fashion for a long time. But there is one problem – when you wear jeans for a long time the holes become sloppy. Of course, there are completely torn pants which look great and the holes on them don’t spoil the whole look, on the contrary, they make it better. But what if stylish holes became sloppy? There are two options: continue to wear them and pretend that they were “born” so full of holes or, using our advice, make your clothes look beautiful.

We used to tell you how to turn your ordinary jeans into the torn ones. Now, using the torn shorts as an example, we’ll show you how to bring the holes back”to life” if they began to look sloppy.

You need:


We will need the jeans to work with where the holes need to be broght back “to life” (in our case – the shorts), scissors, tweezers, jeans (denim fabric), thread (it must match the jeans color), needle.



Make a patch

Make two cuts horizontally on your old jeans: at the top and at the bottom. They should be straight and correspond to the height and width of the hole on the shorts.

Make a patch

Carefully try to extract vertically one thread after another with the help of the tweezers.

Pay attention that it must be threads and not the white vertical bands which should stay in their place.
It doesn’t matter if one or two bands torn. Do this starting from one edge ending near another one.

Make a patch

Then make the existing horizontal cuts look 1-2 cm longer with the helpof the scissors and cut this piece.

Make a patch

You should get a patch as it’s shown in the photo.

Make a patch


Final stage

Take your favorite shorts where the holes look sloppy. The patch, which has just been cut out of your old jeans, is placed under the hole in the shorts. Stretch it on the sides to make the patch bands be in a tight (not too much). The patch can be fixed with the help of the pins. Sew the patch to the shorts using a thread of a needed color with the help of little stitches; they must be hardly seen.

Final stage

Sew the edges of the patch, not the bands.

Final stage

Denim shorts look like the new ones as if you’ve just bought them.



Shorts before:





Useful tips

  1. Choose the old jeans of a similar color. If your jeans are white and the old ones are darker, the bands can be darker. But if the color difference is little, they can be used. They will be the same color after washing.
  2. It’s better to use old stretch jeans. Their bands are more elastic. It’s good if the holes are located on knees and stretch when you walk. Then they won’t tear.
  3. It’s good to sew the patch using the threads for embroidery. They are thin and completely invisible on jeans (if your jeans are light). It’s better to do small stitches imitating the stitches on the jeans.
  4. Threads which were torn initially on jeans, must be cut if necessary.

Collage with step by step instruction

What to do if the holes on the torn jeans have become sloppy

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Frequently asked questions

  • You can sew the hole up. The used threads must match the tone of the jeans (be invisible).
    The stitches must be done often in order not to leave the space between them. Their size is the same.

  • You should glue the back sides of the holes with vlies base or stitch them on the machine to prevent the holes from torning.

  • 1. To sew a small patch on a seamy side which will be bigger in size than the torn area.
    2. Hide the problem area by sewing it with the help of a needle.
    The patch can be easily applied at home. The main thing is that the seams must be good.

  • Step by step actions are described in this article.

  • Than more cuts and holes have your jeans - the "gentlier" must be another clothing. They are well combined with: basic t-shirts, tops or t-shirts; leather jackets; double-knits; wide blouses or shirts; one-color jackets.

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