Why it’s time to change a bra to a bralette and what is its “thing”

Today convenience, light negligence, natural make-up are in fashion. Uncomfortable heels are being replaced with the slip-ons and sneakers, the girls who are fans of mini-skirts start gradually wear universal midi and oversize clothes became very popular on the podiums.

The corsets have already long ago disappeared out of ladies wardrobes. Uncomfortable “push-UPS” start also disappearing. They are being replaced with the light, comfortable and sexy lingerie – bralettes.


The bralette is...

The perfect combination of sportwear convenience and of seductive lingerie which has no limiting factors. It’s a comfortable and modern choice of the girl.

It helps you to move freely, it’s not tight, it doesn’t disturbs you during the day.

You should only wear it for once to fall in love forever.

This new accessory is often used as underwear and as a decorative garment.

  • Discreet girls wear bralettes under their blouses, cardigans and a V-neck sweatshirt to make the lace-trimmed top slightly visible;
  • Daring ones wear it separately as the upper element of clothing under their jackets and cardigans.

The bralette is...

The combination of elegant lace, satin or silk with velvet, nettings and decorative elements wins the hearts of even the most demanding fashionistas.

The design does not imply any rigid structures: no cups, no push-up effect, no underwires. Everything is as simple and natural as possible.

The bralette will be the best solution for up to 3 size breasts owners.


Once again about the benefits

The bralette gives you a complete freedom – no more “stuffy” cups, underwires and poor blood circulation when you wear the wrong size and shape.

According to men’s words, the bralette is one of the most sexually attractive elements of women’s clothing.

This item will be perfect for every girl, will complement any clothes, add a romantic look to it, and will look spectacular with jewelry on the neck, both with a necklace or a choker (stylish choker, by the way, you can do it by yourself).

Girls with small breasts look very attractive when they wear the bralettes and feel, at the same time, very comfortable.


Bralettes variants

Triangular bra

The most common one. It’s usually made of delicate translucent fabrics (lace, network, soft knitting) and is complemented with subtle decorative elements (ribbons or laces). This model is better to wear under the clothing in order to make the lace or other decor be noticeable lace that’s why the choice of outfits to wear with it is truly unlimited.

Triangular bra

The only limitation – it doesn’t fix the breasts and can look very skimpy on the big size breasts. In this case, pay attention to other bralettes variants.


It slightly looks like a sporty lace top and often has a more closed silhouette. You can wear it as a bra and as a stylish accessory that complements dresses and turtlenecks.

Be careful when choosing a bralette to wear it as a top. The translucent bralette may look too provocative and it will look better when wear it over a t-shirt or a shirt.


It will be more suitable variants for self-use made of dense materials (leather or suede, an interesting variant would be satin and velvet).


This bra variant is with a wide strip under the breasts line and a relatively closed neckline area that’s why it often becomes an independent article of clothing.

It’s made of different materials: knitwear or lace, thick leather. It’s lavishly decorated with appliqués, embroidery, bows or belts.


Halter-bra will become an indispensable part of the casual, boho-chic images and even evening dresses.


What to wear with

This garment is appropriate in any wardrobe. It can be used as underwear and as a self-sufficient unit of attire. Depending on the selected variant, you can easily make your image be romantic, erotic and charming:

  • The bralette can be a spectacular accessory if you wear it under a loose top (cardigan or sweater with a big neckline because the V-neck is a hit of the current season).

What to wear with

  • It looks interesting with a translucent top (it’s nice to wear it with a light blouse or a t-shirt);

What to wear with

  • You can make your classic look be more interesting when using it with pantsuit with a high fit or a skirt. The more dense will be the material of the bralette, the more businesslike will look your image. Velvet, leather or cotton will be perfect.

What to wear with

  • Warm summer days are the perfect moment to wear a bralette with the shorts or a light beach cape.

What to wear with

  • Fashionable swimwear manufacturers offer lace or knitted bralettes as a top.

What to wear with

  • The most extravagant girls can wear a bralette over their clothes. This trend came into force about a year ago and since then, the magazines are full of photos of festive and everyday images with its use. Any closed monochrome clothes, no matter whether it’s a t-shirt, turtleneck, dress or blouse can be organically complemented with bralettes.

What to wear with

The girls preferred beautiful and sexy, but extremely uncomfortable underwear with underwires, corsets, laces and foam inserts before but now freedom has come into fashion.


Interesting ideas for outfits

The bralette can be combined with everything, it’s appropriate with both extravagant and romantic images. We have gathered some contemporary looks with its use for you:

Universal image

  • Clothes:

    white blouse, velvet bralette, leather jacket, pencil skirt.

  • Shoes:

    strict loafers / ballet flats on textured platform.

The suit will be appropriate for any event – both office and party.

Put on a pink or beige halter bra over a classic white blouse, complete it with a midi pencil skirt of the same or a contrasting shade, loafers shoes or ballet flats on a massive platform.

If the weather is rather cold, you can add a leather jacket (silver and other light shades will be good).

Interesting ideas for outfits

Informal business visit

  • Clothes:

    jacket and trousers, matching the color of the bralette.

  • Accessories:


  • Shoes:

    elegant shoes.

Business image also allows an unusual look with bralette.

The best choice will be a lace or knitted halter bra which will match the pantsuit in colorr.

As a stylish addition – a strict bag and the strict sunglasses.

Add shoes with the massive heels and the image is ready.

A great choice will be a gray pencil skirt with a black bralette.

Interesting ideas for outfits

Star of social events

  • Clothes:

    transparent top, bralette with elastic weave, water drop skirt, light coat.

  • Accessories:

    a belt, a bag.

  • Shoes:

    boots made of soft leather or suede.

Choose an extravagant and unusual image for social or other event.

Transparent blouse over a black bralette with elastic weave completed with a light water drop skirt and a black belt, complemented with fur (fur coat or other accessory).

Low-heeled boots will make you the queen of the ball.

 Interesting ideas for outfits

Comfort in megalopolis

  • Clothes:

    MOM-jeans, light T-shirt with lace bralette, coat.

  • Accessories:

    leather rucksack.

  • Shoes:

    boots with a stable heels.

A good casual image with elements of kitsch consists of a classic white T-shirt and a lace bralette.

High mom jeans, coat with a bright print, sunglasses, city rucksack and boots form a discreetly provocative look.

Interesting ideas for outfits

Soft image

  • Clothes:

    fluffy tulle skirt, jean jacket.

  • Accessories:

    elegant pendant, clutch bag.

  • Shoes:

    high-heeled shoes.

Lace halter bra will be an organic addition to the romantic image.

To make your look less erotic, it’s better to choose the variant made of dense fabric (knitted, satin or velvet variations will be good).

Elongated halter bra will cover the upper part of the abdomen, and chiffon skirt of pastel colors and light jean jacket will complete the image.

Add a small handbag, a modest pendant and the high-heeled shoes.

Interesting ideas for outfits

Don’t afraid of the cold

  • Clothes:

    halter bra made of thick knitwear, turtleneck or other closed top, midi skirt.

  • Shoes:

    suede boots.

Sexy bralettes can be used even in autumn and in winter.

Wear a bright halter bra over a turtleneck of a more muted color, the main thing is the right combination of the colors (for example, deep purple on lilac), add a midi skirt and boots of an appropriate color. If it’s cold outside, take a leather jacket or a coat. Interesting ideas for outfits

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