How to draw a windmill step by step

Recently, windmills can be found in few places. Most children have never seen them. It’s necessary to tell the child about our grandparents who used to take there flour for pies and bread. Windmill is a special mechanism that performs its work thanks to the wind, driven by the wings of the mill. For a long time, they were the only machines that were used not only for grinding flour but also for processing materials, as a pumping or water-lifting station. Today, such a mechanism is used for wind power stations.

The child will better remember the information if it comes with a visual accompaniment. We offer you to draw a mill together with a child and tell him or her about it in the process of drawing.

You need:

The shape of the tower

It looks like a cone. Draw it using the oblique lines.
The shape of the tower


Lower part

Since the mill is a round tower, draw a semicircular lower line.
Lower part


Upper part

The tower narrows to the top. Draw its form by using a semicircular line.
Upper part



We’ll get a cylinder cut at the top. Add the dome-shaped roof at the top.



The “classic” windmill had, as a rule, 4 elongated quadrangular wings. There were 2 wings on one axis.Wings
They looked like a grid which helped to direct the wind energy.Wings
Use the same technique to draw another 2 wings.Wings



Erase all unnecessary details. Draw the necessary details.



The front door is in the form of an arch. It’s in the center.Door
Through it, you can clearly see the back wall of the tower. Add a line to make it look realistic.Door



If you draw it together with a child, we recommend you to color it with bright colors.


Collage of stages of the windmill drawing

Collage of stages of the windmill drawing

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