Draw Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the cartoon “Toy Story” (+ coloring)

The main characters of the cartoon “Toy Story” are real toys who live with a boy Andy Davis. Every year Andy gets new toys for his birthday. For old toys this day is a nightmare. They are waiting for being sold or even ,much worse, to be in a landfill.

Since childhood, the boy’s favorite toy was a cowboy Woody – a “leader” of the toy society. He is convinced that the toy’s meaning of life is when it’s being played with. A terrible moment for Woody was another Andy’s birthday. He’s got a new super-toy Buzz Lightyear, multifunctional Astro-Ranger. Woody loses not only his master’s credibility but also other toys’ credibility.

Do you want to draw these two characters? With our step by step instruction it’s easy and interesting to do.

You need:


Draw a half circle on the right side, it’s a helmet of astroranger Buzz. Draw the oval head of the cowboy Woody on the left side.



Draw a part of the spacesuit for Buzz. It narrows a little bit at the bottom. Draw Woody’s body and arms.


Woody's hat

The cowboy hat has wide edges. Give the right shape to the cowboy’s face.Woody's hat
Draw a part of the spacesuit to Buzz and draw Woody’s sleeves and collar.Woody's hat


Clothing details

Draw a part of the spacesuit with fastening on the sides on the chest and knee pads.Clothing details
We continue drawing a spacesuit as it’s shown in the picture.Clothing details
Draw the springs on the body. Draw Woody’s belt with oval buckle and boots.Clothing details



It also consists of small details.


Faces of heroes

Buzz’s head is hidden in the helmet. Draw Woody’s details of the face: eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears.
Faces of heroes


Finish the drawing

A couple of touches and the drawing is ready.Finish the drawing
Drawing Buzz’s face, you need to be very careful because this stage is the most difficult. Don’t forget anything.Finish the drawing



You can color the cartoon characters as we’ve offered to you or get creative and color them as you want.Coloring

You can color Buzz Lightyear and Woody directly on our website. Try it, we think you will succeed!

Choose how you want to paint.




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