How to draw a Mjolnir – the thunder God Thor’s hammer (+ coloring)

Let’s refer to a mythology. Thor is a God of thunder and lightning in scandinavian mythology. He protected people from monsters and giants. His weapon was a hammer which had destructive power.

The Mjolnir is an iron hammer which was forged by brothers-midgets – the zwergs. It was a symbol of destruction, a source of good luck. The hammer always hit the right target and returned to its owner. To hold it, Thor wore iron gloves. Thor destroyed enemies with the help of Mjolnir.

Let’s try to draw such a weapon, imagining that we are the heroes. And our step by step instruction will help to do this. Are you ready to feel the powerful force? Then let’s draw!

You need:

The "head" of the hammer

Draw a rectangle with a slope. It’s the basis of the hammer.
The "head" of the hammer


Additional lines

Draw an octagon inside the figure, creating a shape of Mjolnir.
Additional lines



Draw two parallel lines, round them at the end. If your child can’t draw them, use a ruler.


The volume of the "head" of the hammer

To create it, draw a square inside and the lines from its edges as it’s shown in the picture.The volume of the "head" of the hammer
Do the same on the other side.The volume of the "head" of the hammer
Using the lines, connect two figures to create volume.The volume of the "head" of the hammer


Handle details

Draw the details as it’s shown in the picture.
Handle details



Draw it at the end of the handle with the help of the arcs. If a child has seen a modern film about Thor, he or she knows that the God of thunder spins a hammer over his head with the help of a strap and it can fly.



The “head” of the hammer is grey and the handle is brown.Coloring

You can also color Mjolnir online directly on the website.

Choose how you want to paint.




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