How to draw a teddy bear with a heart

You probably know that one of the most favorite children’s plush toys is Teddy bear. They are so cute and pretty that even adults can’t be indifferent.

Today we offer you to draw a cute Teddy using a pencil. If you remember, we’ve already drawn a fluffy bear. But the fabricators are constantly improving the design of their creations, we also decided to do so. We offer you the instruction of average level of complexity. This drawing can be used as a gift, a greeting card or a Valentine. Good luck!

You need:

Schematic figures

We try to simplify drawing as much as possible to make even the most difficult details be simple. To do this, draw two straight cross axes in the center of the sheet of paper. We will start drawing elements by using them.
Then, using a compass, draw a round body and attach an oval head to it.
Schematic figures


Other body parts

Legs are two elongated ovals. Ears are two small circles.Other body parts
Don’t forget that our character is holding a heart. So draw only one hand because the second one is hidden behind the heart. We can’t see it.
Draw the feet of our clumsy character.Other body parts


Erase the lines

Now it’s time to erase the additional lines, they have completed their task and in the next stages we won’t need them any more.
Erase the lines



The bear’s muzzle is elongated. That is because of its nose shape.



It looks like a potato but it’s much smaller.


Small details

You need to add a few small semicircular lines to the drawing to depict the eyes and some curves of the body.Small details
It’s a stuffed toy. Children and adults love it so much that they just don’t let it out of their hands. For this reason, the fabric is being worn out and is tearing often. So you have to apply patchesSmall details
The patches make it even more cute and harmless.Small details



Two round figures will help to draw it.Heart
Now, erase all unnecessary lines.Heart
The heart is also made of soft material. To show this visually, draw prints with the help of small strokes as if it was pressed with the paws.Heart



The drawing is ready. Now it remains only to color it.


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