How to draw a plate with cutlery (+ coloring)

Children, trying to help their parents, often serve a table for a festive dinner. The main thing is to learn how to arrange the cutlery: a fork on the left, a spoon on the right.

If the child is just learning, drawing a plate with cutlery will be a visual help of table setting.

You need:


On a sheet of paper, draw a big plate in the form of a circle. Use a compass to make the circle even.



Draw a small circle inside the plate. It will denote the center of the plate.



Instead of plate patterns, draw a beautiful rim. Draw a circle inside the plate again but at a short distance from the main figure.Rim
Draw the second circle after the first one but on a shorter distance.Rim
Draw the third circle after the second one. The distance between the figures must be different.Rim


Fork place

Mark the contours of the fork on the left side of the plate. Use the ruler to draw a long rectangle.
Fork place


Spoon place

In the same way, draw the outlines of the spoon. This rectangle is slightly wider than the previous one.
Spoon place


Upper part of the spoon

At the top of the right rectangle, draw a small oval, its edges touch the rectangle.Upper part of the spoon


Lower part

Divide the rectangle into two parts and draw a vertical line in the center.Lower part
Draw a rounded line down from this line, the rounded line connects to the upper part of the rectangle.Lower part
Draw the second line in the same way. Then erase the rectangle.Lower part



Inside the bottom of the spoon, draw two vertical lines.Correction
Erase the unnecessary details. Connect the bottom of the spoon with a rounded horizontal line.Correction



Draw a fork in the same way. Draw the fork’s top in the form of a square with rounded corners. Don’t forget to draw the fork serration.



You can color the plate with the cutlery as it’s shown in the picture or you can choose your own colors together with the child. You can also draw a table to make the drawing completed.Coloring


Take the opportunity to draw online

You can also color a plate with cutlery. We have specially prepared online coloring of the plate.

Choose how you want to paint.


Collage with stages of the plate with cutlery drawing

Collage with stages of the plate with cutlery drawing

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