How to draw Opel car logo step by step

We continue the series of drawings which demonstrate how to draw the logos of the most famous brands of cars. The last logos we’ve been drawing were Hyundai, Ford, Subaru and Skoda. Today we offer you to draw the Opel car logo. Throughout the history of the logo existence, it had more than 10 fundamental changes. For example, in 1910 it had the shape of an eye. Then the ” eye “was put in a” sphere “with the inscription” Opel ” inside. Today it’s a stylish round icon with a superimposed lightning.

You need:

Auxiliary lines

Drawing car logos usually starts with the first step – drawing of the auxiliary lines. Today is not the exception. Use the ruler to draw two cross, straight lines in the center of the sheet.

Take a compass. Stick the needle into the point of intersection of two lines and draw a small circle.

The shape of the logo is ready. It remains to add some details.Auxiliary lines


Erase the lines

Now erase the cross lines carefully.Erase the lines



Draw another circle on top of the sphere; it must be bigger. The emblem of Opel has a contour.Contour



The modern Opel logo looks like a lightning overlaid on a round shape. To make it easier to draw a lightning, draw it with the help of the beveled polygons.Lightning


Erase the lines

The inner lines that are inside the lightning need to be removed to get a complete figure.Erase the lines



The Opel logo has a voluminous, beautiful shape. You can draw it with the help of a couple of strokes. To begin with, make the contour of lightning inside the same figure.Volume
Small serifs will visually give the bending of the figure.Volume
The lightning is not placed inside the figure. It seems to be inscribed in a circle. Erase the areas of lightning and circle intersection and give the shape.Volume Draw a contour and a shadow on the circle. Follow the instruction carefully.Volume



It remains to bring a clear contour and the drawing is ready.Contours


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