How to draw a Mitsubishi logo using a pencil

The name of this car brand has its own secret meaning; not every person knows it. But we’ll tell you a secret. In Japan grows a tree called water chestnut. It was given a second name – rhomboid-shaped diamond. Mitsubishi’s emblem looks like these three diamonds. The word Mitsubishi consists of two parts: “Mitsu” – three; “bishi” – water diamond. Therefore, this name sounds like”three diamonds”. Throughout its history, the car’s logo has been never changed. It always consisted of a combination of three diamonds. Once it was three oak leaves.

Today we will try to draw the logo of the Mitsubishi car. To do this, we have prepared a step by step instruction with pictures and description of the average level of difficulty.

You need:

Auxiliary lines

In the center of the sheet, draw two cross straight lines. As you remember, we always try to do the first stages of the drawing as simple as possible in order to avoid difficulties in the next steps. We will draw the details of the logo from these lines.
Auxiliary lines


Upper rhomb

We recommend you to draw the upper part of the logo and all the other parts using a ruler to make the brand name as similar as possible. Draw triangles on both sides to make it easier to draw the rhomb. We’ve got one rhomb already.Upper rhomb


Side rhombs

To draw water chestnuts on the sides of the logo, use a ruler. Draw parallelograms from the horizontal line on both sides. First, add from one side.Side rhombs
Then, add the other one.Side rhombs


Erase unnecessary lines

Now it’s time to erase the auxiliary lines. They’ve done their mission and we won’t need them anymore.
Erase unnecessary lines



The logo has a relief shape. To show this visually, make 5 mm distance from each detail and repeat the contour. First, with the upper rhomb.Shape
Then with two lower figures.Shape


Color it

To show the relief structure, give a metallic gray color to the basis of the figure. Darken the outlines. The drawing is ready.
Color it


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