How to draw a logo of Fiat car in stages

As people say: “all genius is simple”. The logo of the automobile manufacturer Fiat fully corresponds to this phrase, despite the fact that in the history of its existence it has been changing its appearance several times. In the early stages of the Fiat “life”, brand name was not used at all. It was enough for the company to have the tablet indicating the line of production.

Then the logo consisted of the abbreviation FIAT which stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.
Since 1960 the logo of the company had acquired the shape of a circle. All its changes in the following years consisted only in changing of the logo shape: but it became oval, then round, then in the form of a rectangle. It’s round nowaday. Its corporate color is blue and white. According to statistics, many manufacturers of well-known car brands prefer these colors. Except Fiat, blue and white colors are the colors of the brands Volkswagen, Ford, BMW.

You need:


Due to its simplicity, the Fiat logo is very easy to draw. To draw its shape, put a needle of the compass in the center of the sheet and draw a circle of the average size. Also, you can use a stencil.Shape


Figure inside (big)

Inside the circle of the logo there are two more figures, similar to the circle. But if you look closely, the figure resembles a square, the sides of which look like arcs. Start drawing from the upper arc.Figure inside (big)
Then add two sides…Figure inside (big)
…and the lower one, of course. It should be shorter in length.Figure inside (big)


Figure inside (small)

The last figure inside the circle is a square. But its sides are also curved like the arcs. The upper side is longer, the lower one is shorter.
Start from the upper one.Figure inside (small)
Draw a short lower side.Figure inside (small)
Add two identical arcs on the sides.Figure inside (small)



Use the ruler to draw the FIAT inscription inside in big, capital letters. The font should be strict, straight letters should be without serifs.Name



The drawing of Fiat logo is ready. It remains only to correct some of the details and make clear contours.Contours


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