How to draw the logo of Citroen step by step

We continue a series of logo drawings of the most famous car brands. We have already prepared more than 10 instructions of different levels of difficulty. At today’s drawing lesson we offer you the following logo. We will draw the logo of the Citroen car. It’s a schematic representation of the teeth of the chevron wheel (gear with V-shaped teeth). Take a pencil in your hand and replenish the collection of the logos drawings of car brands. Our collection has already logos of BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla, Infinity, Skoda, Toyota, Renault, Cherie, etc. And your?

You need:

Additional elements

To simplify the process of drawing, we offer you to start with the drawing of auxiliary elements. To determine the size and position of the logo on the sheet of paper, use the ruler to draw a big square in the center. Within its limits, we will place the logo.
Don’t press on the pencil too much because then you’ll have to erase these elements.Additional elements
Divide it with two cross lines into six parts.Additional elements


Logo shape

Starting from the auxiliary lines, draw two arcs. Follow the instruction carefully.Logo shape
Draw the same lines under each arc.Logo shape


Erase the lines

We have depicted the details which convey the correct shape of the Citroen car logo with the help of auxiliary elements. We can remove them with the help of the eraser.
Erase the lines


Finishing touches

We’ve got now the shape and design of the logo. Now it remains to add a few more touches. Divide each element of our “Christmas tree” horizontally in half with the help of a curved line.Finishing touches
To depict the relief and reflection of metal visually, add details as it’s shown in the picture.Finishing touches



As you can see, drawing the Citroen logo is not difficult. Once again, compare your drawing with the instruction in order not to miss anything. Draw clear contours.


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