How to draw a lily step by step

Many beautiful legends are connected with lily. The flower symbolizes purity, love and devotion.

Let’s draw this flower together, adding it to the collection of plants drawings.

You need:

Upper petals

Start drawing the flower from the petals. On a sheet of paper, draw an uneven vertical petal, slightly resembling a rabbit ear, which narrows at the bottom.Upper petals
Connect the second petal with the first one. The shapes can vary.Upper petals
Connect the parts withthe help of the third petal. The figure must resemble the wrong shamrock.Upper petals


Lower petals

Start drawing the second layer. Lily has six petals. Start with the upper one. Its lower part is not visible, it hides behind the front petals.Lower petals
You can draw the second petal longer.Lower petals
Make the last one a slightly curved to the left. Our flower’s ready.Lower petals



Draw the stem in the form of two long, slightly curved vertical lines.



In the center, where the petals are connected, draw two curved stamens.Middle
The stamens end with small ovals where there is a pollen.Middle


Lines of the petals

The next step is to divide the petals vertically using thin curved lines. The lines don’t start from the center and aren’t connected with the edges of the petals.Lines of the petals
Next, draw short additional lines to indicate the volume.Lines of the petals
Decorate all the petals using the lines. They should bend in the same directions as each petal.Lines of the petals



Start making the stem. Draw an eye-like leaf on the right side. It’s attached to the stem with two straight lines which widen smoothly.Laves
Draw the second leaf just above the first one on the left side.Laves



Draw curved lines on the leaves which divide them into two halves vertically.Veins
From these lines, draw thin veins on the leaves.Veins



Color the lily in soft and light colors. These flowers can be of different shades. You can get created together with your child and create your own version of the lily.


Collage with stages of a lily drawing

Collage with stages of a lily drawing

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