How to draw a lantern in the Provence style

Drawing the favorite landscape, the child often doesn’t know how to fill the empty space. There are trees and flowers, one can add people and animals. If it’s a street or a road, try to draw a lantern. These devices are appropriate for any picture and will add the aura of mystery if it’s night scenery.

You need:


Draw two vertical lines. They must be very close. Then connect them at the top and at the bottom.


Lower support

To prevent the lantern from falling, make its lower part a little bit wider. Use the ruler to adjust the carcas at the bottom.
Lower support


Mounting plate

Thanks to the plate, the lights are being attached to the carcas. There’s also a connection of wires which conduct electricity. The detail looks like a small battery.
Mounting plate



As we draw an ancient lantern, its upper part is decorated with the beautiful iron details.



Draw the lamps in the form of small flower pots.Lanterns
They are at the level of the mounting plate. Use the ruler to measure the distance of the parts to draw them correctly.Lanterns
The drawn figures are glasses of the lanterns. Now on top of the lamps draw a kind of” hats ” which protect the lamp from rain and bad weather.Lanterns



Connect the lamps to the plate with the help of the ornated details.Connection
The mount must be identicl. You can also use the other variants of connection.Connection



Don’t forget to decorate the lantern with the help of the curved details.Decoration
These can be small flowers or leaves.Decoration



Old lamps were made in dark colors. Each detail can be colored in a separate shade. Color the lights in yellow.


Collage with stages of the lantern drawing

Collage with stages of the lantern drawing

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