How to draw a fir branch with a cone (+ coloring)

Pine and fir cones are the indispensable attribute of winter decorations. They are portrayed and hung everywhere. You can draw a cone in different ways. We offer you the easiest way. If your child is little, you can help him or her to draw. Older children can handle themselves.

You need:

Draw the basis

In order to make a pine cone look more realistic, you can find it near the Christmas tree, look at it and draw from nature.

For creating the drawing, mark the contours of the cone with the help of an elongated oval. Inside, we’ll be drawing scales. We need this figure for them to be on the same line.Draw the basis


First scale

The contour is ready, now start making the internal design. Place the first scale in the center, the next ones will go from it.
First scale


Upper layer of scales

Cover the pine cone slowly. The scales are small, they need to be drawn correctly. They are like puzzles where we need to combain the pieces in a certain order.Upper layer of scales
Pay attention that the following layers slightly go beyond the contours. This is due to the fact that there are no perfectly smooth objects in nature. If you look closely, the cone has the slightly wavy contours.Upper layer of scales


We're making the second layer

The scales at the basis are bigger than at the edges.We're making the second layer
Draw the scales not too close to each other because the closer winter is the more straightened they become. A cone is like a flower – it’s blooming. To make sure, you can compare the cones on the pine in early autumn and in winter.We're making the second layer


Continue to draw scales

In the center of the oval the scales are more even than at its beginning. Don’t be afraid to draw them rounded or slightly quadratic.Continue to draw scales
Carefully follow the instruction not to miss small details.Continue to draw scales
The scales cover the pine cone unequally. In some areas they are big, in some areas they are smaller.Continue to draw scales
They are more densely adjoined to each other at the top and at the bottom.Continue to draw scales


Finish drawing the scales

The lower scales are small and look like teeth.Finish drawing the scales
Unlike the upper ones, they are located at a bigger distance from each other.Finish drawing the scales
The pine cone is becoming more and more natural.Finish drawing the scales
The finishing touches and the pine cone is ready.Finish drawing the scales


Draw a branch

Usually the houses are being decorated with cones from fir or pine branches. Draw it in the form of a curved line. Very carefully erase the contour of the cone where it’s unnecessary. Encircle some lower scales with the help of thin lines.
Draw a branch


Add pine needles

Add the thin needles on both sides of the branches.Add pine needles
Draw them in random order. It’s better to lean them in one direction.Add pine needles


Make a fluffy branch

You have heard that the branch is called fluffy. To convey this visually, there must be a lot of needles.Make a fluffy branch
If you think that there is some place for one or several needles – draw them.Make a fluffy branch



From a distance the pine cone seems to be monochrome. In fact, the scales have a different hue of brown. Think about the colors you’d like to use. Color the needles in dark green.


Collage with stages of pine cone drawing

Collage with stages of pine cone drawing


We offer you to draw directly on the site

We have prepared an online coloring of pine cones for you, choose the color you want and start coloring. It’s very interesting to do on the site.

Choose how you want to paint.

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