How to draw a daffodil step by step

You have already learned to draw a tulip, you even know how to make it out of paper, know how to draw a chamomile and poppies using a pencil and you know how to draw lily. Today we continue our collection of drawings of the most beautiful flowers. Probably, everyone knows a strong, heady, slightly sweet smell of daffodil. We have prepared for you a step by step instruction with a description and pictures of the average level of difficulty which help you to draw this flower easily. Take a pencil in hand and get to work. It’s not difficult.

You need:

Flower сup

As always, in order to simplify the process of drawing as much as possible, we recommend you to draw the first stages schematically. To do this, you need two cross lines in the center of the sheet. It’s advisable to draw them using a ruler. They determine the location of some details, the flower’s position on a sheet of paper, its size.
We begin to create our flower with the cup which is the middle of the flower.
It’s enough to draw it with the help of two small ovals; they are slightly overlaid.Flower сup
Transform the contour of the front oval into a wavy line. The middle of daffodil looks like a bell.Flower сup


Middle of the Cup

The inner part of the cup contains a column and stamens. You can use some small strokes to depict them visually in the picture.Middle of the Cup



Attach the petals to the cup. They have a wide rounded shape. They are pointed at the end.Petals
Each next petal must overlay the previous one.Petals
Keep drawing the petals in a circle.Petals



We have already done most of the work. It’s time to erase the lines that were drawn primarily. Do this very carefully not to damage the finished details of the drawing.
Then draw two thin parallel lines down from the flower.Stem



Daffodil’s leaves are thin, ribbon-shaped, high. Just draw one leaf on one side.Leaves
Then draw the leaf on the other side.Leaves



It only remains to compare your work with the instruction. If all the details are present and you haven’t missed anything, do clear outlines. The drawing is ready!Completion




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