How to draw a crow in stages

If you want to draw a bird for a child or to draw together with him or her, tell your child a few interesting facts. It’s better to do this in the process of drawing. Then the child will stay with you you and will enthusiastically help to draw the details.

Tell your child that…

Crows take care of their own body and health. Despite the fact that the bird’s beak is very strong, they won’t harm themselves, getting from the depths of the oak bark a tasty bug, for example. In such cases, they make the instruments from thin twigs in the form of sharp toothpicks and get the food with the help of this tool. Also, crows can count. If you give a few feeders with insects to the bird, it will choose the one in where there is more food.

We think that it will be interesting for the child to listen to the interesting facts in the process of drawing. And you will draw the crow very fast. Good luck!

You need:

Auxiliary lines

We start drawing two cross lines in the center of the sheet. They will help to draw the main details correctly and proportionally. Draw them with the help of a ruler. At the end we will have to erase them, so don’t press the pencil to avoid the marks.
Auxiliary lines


Body parts

Start drawing the main parts – the head and the body. Draw the head in the form of a small circle, using compasses. Draw the body in the form of a big oval.Body parts


Body shape

We have to unite the parts. Do this with the help of smooth lines. Then erase all unnecessary things which are being intersected. Also, it’s time to erase the auxiliary details.Body shape
Carefully do it with an eraser, without damaging the necessary details.Body shape


Tail shape

Change a little bit the back part of the big oval because this is where we draw the tail. Therefore, extend the lines in order to get a small angle.Tail shape
Erase the lines which are being intersected.Tail shape
Attach the long feathers to the back part; they are directed upwards.Tail shape



Draw a big horizontal droplet on the body. This figure will serve as a wing which we can see in the bird’s lateral position. Another wing is hiding on the other side. But we won’t draw it because it’s not visibleWing



It’s sharp and very strong. First draw one part of it.Beak
Then draw the other one on the previous example.Beak


Eyes and plumage

The bird’s eyes are of medium size. The pupils remind small black buttons.

Don’t forget to draw the plumage using the wavy lines.Eyes and plumage



The feet are of medium length, they are thin.Feet


Small details

Look through the instruction carefully. See if you missed anything, then add it.Small details
A few more touches and the drawing is ready.Small details








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