How to draw a candy in a wrapper (+ coloring)

If your child is a sweet tooth, you can involve him or her in the process of candy drawing and during the process carefully inform him or her how many sweets you can eat not to damage the teeth. Why one caan’t to eat a lot of sweets and other useful and interesting information about sweets.

You need:


Start drawing a small oval which will be the basis.


First edge

To the right, draw the tip of the wrapper where the candy is. Draw two lines from the oval which widen and slightly bend upwards.First edge
Above the first line draw the same line but a little bit shorter. This line must be located at a small distance.First edge
From the lower line, draw up a wavy detail which will connect the tip. The drawing must look like a fish.First edge


Left edge

In the same way, draw the left tip. Pay attention that the two lines are at the bottom.
Left edge


Extra lines

The lines of the oval which are placed at the area of the base and the tips connection, erase carefully.
Extra lines


Edges of tips

Make the edges of the tips more rounded because the wrappers have no sharp corners.
Edges of tips



Give the volume to the wrapper. Draw a wavy line on the tip on the left side.Volume
Draw the same line on the right side.Volume



Draw small details – short dashes on the edges of the oval, separating the outlines of the andy and the candy wrapper.Details


Wrapper lines

The candy’s wrapper is uneven. Especially the tips which bend in different directions. To convey their unevenness, draw a few wavy lines on the tips.Wrapper lines
The lines are drawn in a random order. They’re different in sizes.Wrapper lines



There must be a pattern on a candy. The wrapper attracts more attention in such a way. Draw two lines in the middle.



Your child can color the candy in his or her own way, for sure. We offer our own combination of colors.


Collage with stages of a candy drawing Draw online:

We also recommend you an online coloring of a candy. We assure you – you will like it.

Choose how you want to paint.


Collage with stages of a candy drawing

Collage with stages of a candy drawing

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