How to draw a black cat Rudolf from the cartoon

Well, children and their parents, let’s get avquainted! I’m cat Rudolf. A black cat. I know what you’re going to say,” Black color brings bad luck, ” but it’s not true. Not in my case. It’s someone who brings me bad luck. I’ve lost my owness Ria. I was running after her and suddenly I found myself in a truck which was passing by. Long history… You only should know where it took me to. In Tokyo! Just imagine TOKYO. I’ve been homeless since that time. There I met a cat Epigenom. He’s become my instructor. Well… I am not going to tell you, you’ve probably watched the cartoon and know everything about me. That’s why, it will be easy to draw me. I will be pleased if I can see my portrait. I’ll help you during the process of drawing. Try your best:)

You need:

Auxiliary figure

We start with an auxiliary figure which denote the head. Draw an oval at the top of the sheet to have enough space for the body.
Auxiliary figure


Muzzle's shape

Add the lines to the oval which will serve as a form of Rudolf’s muzzle.Muzzle's shape
Make sure you don’t miss anything. Compare your drawing with this one.Muzzle's shape



Draw them in the form of the triangles with sharp corners.Ears
Mark the contours of the ears inside.Ears


Eyes and nose

Draw the eyes draw in the form of small ovals, then draw the nose.
Eyes and nose



Start drawing it down using two smooth lines.Body
Continue the lines. The body should be smaller in width than the head.



Draw two legs which are close to each other because the kitten is sitting.Feet
Complete the drawing as it’s shown in the picture.Feet



Our hero has a long and raised up tail.


Antennae and additional details

The obligatory detail is the antennae. They are a kind of a cat’s radars, that’s why they are very important.

Also, draw the fur on the head and a hind leg.
Antennae and additional details



The cartoon is called ” Rudolf the Black cat.” That’s why color the picture in black. The eyes of our character are yellow.


Collage of stages of a cat Rudolf drawing

Collage of stages of a cat Rudolf drawing

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