How to draw a beautiful lock which opens a heart

If you’ve decided to make an original romantic surprise to your beloved, you probably need different decor elements. The most pleasant thing to your beloved person if it will be your ideas made by yourself. Don’t be lazyto find time for being creative and we will help you with this. You can make your own Valentine hand-made (don’t forget to sign it beautifully), you can draw an angel, a heart with the angel’s wings, kisses, Cupid, a lock which opens a heart. We already have all the instructions except the last one. Today we will demonstrate you how to draw a beautiful lock with a key which opens a heart.

You need:


To make the drawing process as easy as possible, we offer to draw two cross lines in the center of the sheet. We will orientate these lines when drawing a heart. To draw it “by hand” will be much more difficult. Therefore, we do it with the help of two identical circles. Draw them using a compass or a stencil.
You can also see the detailed instruction of how to draw a beautiful heart.Heart


Erase the lines

We’ve drawm the main figure in our drawing. We won’t need the circles any more. Now they can be carefully erased with.Erase the lines
Erase also the cross axes.Erase the lines



The keyhole consists of two elements: a small circle (use a compass to draw it) and a trapezoid.Keyhole
The trapezoid must be”attached” to the circle at the bottom.Keyhole
Erase the semicircular line which connects these two details. The hole should be without partitions in order the key could open the lock without any effort.Keyhole



Draw the handle of the lock with the help of two parallel lines in the form of an arc. Also make the contour of the whole figure with all the details as it’s shown in the picture.Arc



Since the drawing has a romantic theme, let’s draw the upper part of the key in the form of a heart.Key
Draw a standard lower part of the key.Key
The next detail is a furrow. To draw it, it’s enough to attach a small rectangle on one side of the key.Key
“Cut” the grooves. Their correct location allows you to open the lock.Key



A drawing of a key with a lock which opens a heart is ready. It remains only to color it. Choose traditional romantic colors for this. Color the heart in red, the key must be golden as if it’s a fairy tale key.Coloring


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