How to draw a bat in stages (+coloring)

The bat is a quite real animal but there are a lot of legends about it. The most common is that vampires turn into bats. That’s why people were very afraid of them despite the fact that these animals do not appear during the day.

If you decide to draw together with your child, you can attract his or her attention with interesting information. He or she will be interested to know that:

  • Bats have bad eyesight even at night. That’s why it’s being orientated with the help of the the sounds. It has very good hearing.
  • A bat uses its wings not only to fly but to warm also.
  • Oddly enough, these animals also kill insects such as mosquitoes. In America, farmers don’t chase bats allowing them to eat caterpillars and beetles.
  • The stylized image of a bat is the emblem of Batman.

And now it’s time to start drawing.

You need:


Draw a small oval on the sheet of paper. It will be the body of an animal.



Add a circle to the body at the top; it will be the head. Note that the bat’s neck can’t be seen. The head goes into the body. You can also draw a circle using a compass.



Draw an ear on the left side of the head. It mustn’t be small because it’s the animal’s main organ of orientation in space. The ear resembles a leaf, it’s pointed at the top.Ears
Draw the second ear on the right side in the same way.Ears



Bats don’t have wings like birds have. They have no feathers, they look like stretched skin. Draw wings starting from its body. Don’t forget that the wings are larger than the animal itself, it can ce wrapped in the wings like in a cloak.Wings
Draw membranes on the wing; they are thin bones that help the wings to keep shape.Wings
Draw the bat’s second wing in the same way.Wings



Except for the ability to fly, the bat moves well on its lower limbs though they are thin. Draw two legs at the bottom of the body. Also separate the outer and inner sides of the ears with the help of the curved lines.


Wings details

Back to the wings again and outline the bones’ lines.
Wings details



Draw furry lines of the body.Fur
Draw fur on the body.Fur



Our object of drawing looks like a cartoon character that’s why draw its broad smile.



Don’t forget about the animal’s fangs. Add also round eyes, eyebrows and nose.


Small details

The final touches of the drawing are small details of the ears and mouth.
Small details



Most bats are black and gray in color. Choose the appropriate colors for its ears, eyes and smile. You can also see togeter with your child what are these animals can be and color it in your own way.

Also, we have a bat coloring which you can color directly on the website or print it out and color it then.

Choose how you want to paint.




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