How to draw a banana step by step

A banana is exotic for our country, though you can buy it easy. And in India, where this plant grows, a banana is a usual food. They eat a lot of bananas, we eat a lot of potatoes.

We offer you to draw a banana with together your child. In order to interest your child, tell him or her the following facts:

  • Everyone thinks that banana is a fruit, but in fact it’s a berry.
  • Except yellow, the bananas can also be of red, black and “golden” colors.
  • Bananas contain a lot of vitamins.
  • Bananas grow on small trees with huge leaves. On one banana stem can be about 300 fruits.
You need:


We start drawing the basis which will help to draw the fruit correctly. Draw a huge circle on a sheet of paper with the help of a compass.


Additional circle

Next, draw a smaller circle on a big one. It should be a little to the left and close the most part of the first figure. A big circle turns into a small semi-circle, it looks like the crescent moon.
Additional circle


Upper part

Start drawing a banana. Draw an irregular elongated semicircle inside the Crescent on top, marking the top of the fruit.
Upper part





Unnecessary lines

Erase two circles. Now we have the incomplete outline of a banana.
Unnecessary lines


Lower part

Start drawing the lower part of the berry with the help of the lines which are being narrowed.
Lower part



When the tip will be finished, erase unnecessary lines.Tip
Connect the lower part with a help of the curved line.Tip
Separate the tip from the banana with the help of an uneven line.Tip


Part of the peel

Just below the middle of the banana, draw a curved line which resembles a petal.Part of the peel
Continue drawing the line, bending it almost to the level of the lower part of the fruit.Part of the peel
Draw up the same line, connecting it with a banana. You’ll get a piece of the peel.Part of the peel


Second part

The second part of the peel is on the right. It begins from the line of the first part and it’s being depicted with the help of the same curved lines.
Second part


Third part

Draw the third part of the peel in a different way. First, it bends down and then it bends upward.Third part
Erase the unnecessary lines on the banana.Third part



Inside the third part of the peel, draw a curved line connecting it with the fruit.Correction
Erase the unnecessary line.Correction


Central line

Draw vertically a curved line in the center of the banana.
Central line


Small details

Draw a curved line on the first part of the peel near the edge.Small details
Give a proper bend to the line and connect it with a banana.Small details
Erase the unnecessary details and draw a short vertical line at the bottom.Small details



Bananas are yellow as you know. You can make the fruit lighter and make the peel darker. Though you can make the berry look more exotic and color it in red together with a child.


Collage with stages of a banana drawing

Collage with stages of a banana drawing

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