How to teach your child to distinguish colors

Sometimes mothers want their children gain some skills, which are impossible for their age as early as possible. Don’t be in a hurry. The proverb say: «All in good time». Simple games and activities with the mother will help to find answers to many questions and learn a lot of interesting things. For example, your child can learn colors.

You shouldn’t miss some facts.

  1. First of all, we shouldn’t forget that a child must learn to distinguish colors by the age of three years. It’s only basic colors (green, yellow, red, blue). Children can remember the colors and name them at this age.
  2. Secondly, all children are different. Everyone has his or her own physiology and develops in his or her own way. That’s why there are children who need his or her parents’ to help in learning colors.

We offer you our advice.

You need:


It’s the first and the most important way of remembering colors. Draw with your child with pencils, felt-tip pens, paints, crayons. This collaborative process must be accompanied by mother’s speech: Let’s draw the
grass with the help of green pencil. And now we draw the sun with the help of yellow pencil…

Don’t forget to praise your child: Well done! You have drawn a nice red butterfly, a beautiful blue flower…

There is an excellent method to sustain your child’s results at the end of the lesson if you’ve drawn with felt-tip pens. The child must find the caps and felt-tip pens of the right color.

We have an online album where you can draw on the website. Do you want to try? Click on this link.


Colorful containers

You need colorful cups or boxes for this lesson. And you need the items which you will put in your containers, giving some comments (pins, beads, tubes, puzzles).

Colorful containers


Modeling clay

Model in clay together. You can teach not only colors by doing this, but you can also develop fine motor skills of your child. And this is very important for the further development of speech.

You can start with modeling of simple animals and birds’ figures. And then mother, father and their child can draw a picture with different elements together. It’s very interesting and informative!

Click on this link and get to know how to make a modeling clay in different colors by yourself.



It’s not even a common lesson. Boring process of toys picking up is turning into a funny game!

“Put all your blue toys into the box! Bring me all green items, please! Well done! And now let’s find together a little red car!”


Geometrical figures

Here you can learn not only colors but also geometric al figures.

  1. Draw and color the figures on one sheet of paper.
  2. Cut the same figures using a colorful sheet of paper.
  3. Can you find a red square? Put the red square on the square you’ve drawn! Well done! And now find a yellow triangle, please…
  4. You can get creative and make another figures. For example, we can put a yellow butterfly on a yellow flower.

The laborious bees can mix their buckets. Why do the blue hive has a red bucket nearby? Let’s fix it.
Correct together and name the right colors. Your child will love it!

And it’s such a pleasure to build a tower from colorful elements of model kit together with the mom! Now we are building the wall from red bricks, and now take some yellow bricks – there will be a fence…


Taking a walk

You can sustain everything your child has already learned in everyday life: You’ll wear blue pants on today’s walk, find them, please. Find a green cap too, please…

While walking, pay your child’s attention on: the sky is blue, the flower is red, the grass is green, the car is white…

Play the game “Find the color”. Find yellow items, for example. Who will find more items?



here are many games which will help your child to remember colors. Here are some of them.

“Magic traffic light”

Cut out three circles. They will be red, yellow and green. When we have a red light we need to stand still, a yellow one – we need to jump, a green one – we need to run.

First you show the colors in turn. Name them and make the movements with your child. Then you can reverse roles. And remember, this game will be much more interesting when the other children, dad or grandma will join the game, etc.

“Our rainbow”

Draw a rainbow on a cardboard, which has arcs of a few centimeters width. You can stick the items of a certain color with your child on it: colorful figures, buttons, plastic covers, monochromatic pictures , pieces of cloth, etc.

Your child will like the work which has been done! This collaborative collage can be hung in child’s nursery when it will be done. And this work of art will surprise your friends and acquaintances.

The day of one color

It’s necessary to devote one day to one color if you want to learn colors slowly and methodically. You have a red day today, for example. Decorate the room in red colors (balls, pictures, blanket, dishes). You can even choose red clothes.

Choose appropriate games and activities: to draw a tulip of one color, to draw a boat and color it using the same color. Let the child demonstrate his or her work to the daddy or the grandmother. Their praise will be a great motivation for further work in this direction.


Experienced teachers say that first you should start learning a red color. It's bright and it’s easy to remember.

Many children find it very beautiful! And then you need to learn blue, yellow and green. It’s necessary to do your tasks using the contrasts. It will be easier for children then!

Click on this link and choose a coloring together with your child. Offer your child to paint it online.

Good luck!

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